Background & Heritage

Kakuichi Group, which is the parent company to Kakuichi Institute, is presided by Kenichi Tanaka, father of Kakuichi Insitute Chairman Kazuaki Tanaka. Kakuichi Group was established by in 1886, and continues to thrive today, generating ¥35 billion in annual sales.

A note from our Chairman

“Together, turning into luminously fine cosmic dust, we fly off and scatter to the four winds ” Miyazawa Kenji

The above quote is often used by my father Kenichi Tanaka to express his vision of where he wants to take our company in the future. It has taken almost forty years for my vision and his to become one. He is now 92 and stands at the centre of the photograph above. I stand at the left. You can see Echan Deravy on the far right and Satish Kumar and his wife June between us.

As Kakuichi group our business has long been centred on producing sturdy plastic hose, metal garages and utility buildings, silica lime coating for interiors and more recently a unique hotel operation and mineral water production.

We have researched the properties of stone and the use of sound vibration as part of my father’s vision to bring us more fully into accord with the the 21st century. But we need to go much further in order to realize his powerful intuition about the new dimensions of science and philosophy now emerging globally.

It is for this reason that Kakuichi Institute has been created. We are currently establishing an international collaboration with researchers in diverse fields. Though still in our initial stage we look forward to learning with people like Dr. Gerald Pollack whose pioneering ‘fourth stage of water’ thesis holds great promise. Meeting him I feel connected like rivers as they flow together to the ocean. Satish Kumar has been a centrally important figure from the start since his 2008 collaboration with Echan in the documentary film Earth Pilgrims.

On a personal level I feel that along with my family and colleagues we are closing the gap towards my father’s far flung vision of a future where we cannot be happy until all people are too. Though this may sound idealistic it makes sense in a totally inter related world. It is a world that almost seems ready to scatter its knowledge to the four winds. Only then can we all benefit from new ideas, new technology and become a sustainable humanity. We are all of us most surely those luminously fine cosmic dust particles at heart.

The Kakuichi Institute will play its own small part in helping the winds of change blow for the benefit of all. Now our vision is one.

Kazuaki Tanaka, Chairman of Kakuichi Institute

Kazuaki Tanaka