Kakuichi Institute’s ultimate goal is to assist in the creation of a saner and healthier society, and part of our work in achieving that is with the application of earthing to health.

The society we live in is profoundly disconnected from the earth, and it appears to be absolutely no coincidence that large numbers of people are profoundly ill. We believe, based on a mountain of empirical research data, that people may live healthier lives if they are regularly connected to the Earth.

See our Research Page on Earthing for details into various academic studies into the effects of earthing on the body, and how it positively affects mood, pain, sleep, inflammation, and a number of other areas that our society’s current allopathic medicinal system struggles to alleviate.

We have a number of Earthing products for sale, so that people may be earthed while sleeping and through their daily life. See our dedicated website for details: