Though Kakuichi Institute is based in Tokyo, it also runs a research and event center at the foot of active volcano Mount Asamayama. Located in the beautiful surroundings of resort town Karuizawa you can find SPIRA where we undertake pioneering experiments in holistic agriculture, edutainment and primal health. Our ‘metaphilosophy’ ideal leads us hopefully towards unraveling the puzzle of how to create a saner environment.

Echan Juku Events

Kakuichi Institute has been holding Echan Juku events since 2014 for Japanese audiences in various locations around Japan. They are held by Echan Deravy, who shares his latest research into arcane mysteries and modern science. You may watch his lectures for free online on the Echan Juku YouTube page. See also our Earthing page for our community Earthing events.

Spira Retreats

We occasionally hold retreats at Spira. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming Spira retreats.

Past Retreats