In line with our goal to help in bringing about a saner, healthier society, part of our work involves transporting radical ideas and new ways of thinking with potential to positively transform human behaviour between the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

Book Publishing

We hope to bridge the gap in access to these positively transformative ideas as they emerge unto the world, and thus part of our work involves translation of books. Kakuichi Institute’s first book was published in the summer of 2017, and was a translation of Kakuichi Institute advisor, Satish Kumar’s Soil, Soul, Society: A New Trinity for Our Time.


We are all members of a one-earth society, and caring for the earth and soul is interrelated. This is the message of Satish Kumar, the internationally-respected peace and environment activist who has been gently setting the agenda for change for over 50 years.

In Soil, Soul, Society, Satish presents the new trinity for our age of sustainability. One that shares the knowledge that we ourselves are very much part of nature; that what we do to nature we in fact do to ourselves; and that the earth is soulful. In this book, he inspires readers with the knowledge we are all leaders and can create change. He urges readers to create a new consciousness that reveres nature and explores how, as a global society, we need to embrace diversity and become pilgrims on this earth not tourists. To bring about change in the world we must be the change we wish to see.

Earthing Books

We have two books on earthing released in Japanese to help facilitate the spread of knowledge and understanding of earthing through Japan. Please see links below.

Film Publishing

Kakuichi Insitute sponsored the creation of documentary film project to spread the message of earthing to the many disconnected Earthlings out there who may resonate with the radically simply message: connect to Earth, feel the power, pass it on!

Please see the Earthling page in our archive for more information.