Based in Tokyo, Kakuichi Institute also runs a facility located at the foot of active volcano Mount Asamayama. Located in the beautiful surroundings of resort town Karuizawa you can find our research center Spira where we undertake pioneering experiments in holistic agriculture, edutainment and primal health. Our 'metaphilosophy' ideal leads us towards unraveling the puzzle of how to create a saner environment.

What is Spira?

Spira plays its role as a small experimental farm, education, research, and retreat center. At Spira we undergo research and development in subtle energy by preparing the experimental foundation for scientific verification of diverse hypotheses.

One of the ways in which carry out this research is in the field of agriculture, through our studies of natural and ecological permaculture and farming innovation using the verification of laboratory hypotheses on subtle energy (including cymatics), we pursue the possibility of challenging ourselves not to use of toxic chemicals such as hormone-disturbing pesticides and fertilizers.

At the same time, Spira serves as our experimental base for the new metaphilosophical trinity of Mind-Body-Intelligence (Brain) or Head-Soul-Hand, or Soil-Soul-Society, which better fits village sized activities or even community-oriented marketing communication. Therefore SPIRA challenges itself to experiment by superimposing the principle of peace and humanity on the said Capitalism.

Why Spira?

First a word about our logo. On the left we see the ancient symbol for the Sun. On the right the Earth, again from ancient sources. Between the two a spiral wave of energy flows showing the undeniable inter-connected nature of all things. Spira actually means spiral in Latin. Whether a spiral galaxy or a spiral dna chain, spirals seem to move everything we see. This very simple image therefore states our entire mission most elegantly. Everything connects!

We rest in the sincere hope that the future of Japan must include totally new ways to deal with the growing stress of everyday life. The research, lectures and workshops provided aim to navigate individuals to information that they can use in their own unique way to better understand the world we live in. We have a growing network of colleagues around the world with whom we shall continue to learn, to grow and to co-create transformative technologies. Thinking outside the box surely reveals to us the best way to bring meaningful change to these troubled times.

Experience Spira

We hold events at Spira so people can experience firsthand the magic and power of learning and earthing at such an extraordinary location, situated so close to active volcano Mount Asamayama.