Echan Juku


Thanks to Kenichi Tanaka and his company Kakuichi Inc. space provided in July 2014 began a series of lectures on a diverse range of subjects. Echan Deravy delivered these 80 minute lectures mainly to the corporate staff with the intention of inspiring individuals to realize their sovereignty, their creativity and their uniqueness.

The teaching methodology challenges fixed beliefs and encourages rational doubt. The slogan we use came from from the concepts of lateral thinker Edward De Bono. It simply says, ‘Plus, Minus, Neutral‘. By looking at any information from three points of view participants could expand their horizons and begin to free themselves from dogma.

From the start these consecutive lectures on Saturdays and Sundays got filmed and released live on the internet. The archived material could then get accessed at any time. Though all the lectures do get delivered only in Japanese word spread around the world quickly. Thousands of people now perhaps find that the idea of a sovereign individual fits their own philosophy of life.

From 2015 the Spira facility in Karuizawa  got renovated and soon utilized for an extension of the Echan Juku. Inspired by Satish Kumar the four hour Bangaihen (extra curriculum) events saw participants working with their hands in the gardens, meditating with their hearts during zazen and then using their heads to access new information in the earthing room. There they would not only listen to a lecture but would do it whilst earthed. This key difference facilitates deeper physical relaxation and grounding of the information  shared.

What does juku mean then? It refers originally to the Japanese ‘cram school’ that students go to with the aim of further deepening their studies after regular school has finished. It suggests a higher level of tuition so that an individual becomes better prepared for society. Since 2015 Echan Juku has had a new rallying call. It says: Information = power.

Echan Juku continues to broadcast and to encourage people to think for themselves, question authority and develop their own unique ideas. It now operates as a central idea to the Kakuichi Institute’s vision, one fleshed out between Kazuaki Tanaka and Echan Deravy of  an emerging metaphilosophy for the 21st. century. It unfolds as one that encompasses both the East and the West.

Welcome to Echan Juku!