Education at Kakuichi Institute

Education as defined at the act or process of imparting or acquiring  general knowledge, developing the powers of  reasoning and judgment, and generally of  preparing oneself or others intellectually for  mature life.

We strongly believe that teachers need not necessarily operate as products of institutions devoted to ‘educator’ creation. To teach involves learning..learning about the specific needs of each individual one meets on the path of education. At our educational centres in Tokyo and Karuizawa the essential key to doing just that expresses itself in E.F. Schumacher’s succinct small is beautiful.

The educational aspects of our work at present follow the central idea of presenting the concepts of individuals who pioneer new ideas. They may (or may not) appear revolutionary but do come with solid foundations. No single dogma or creed colours our communication. That means that sovereign individuals can decide for themselves how to apply the information in order to develop these powers of reasoning and judgment, in an age where it has never appeared more difficult to do so. Only through such experiential application will the definition of education find its fulfillment in a truly mature life. 

These videos show how we carry on our educational activities, encouraging individuals at all time to think for themselves: