Prospectus of Kakuichi Institute

To answer “Where do we stand now?

In order to liberate ourselves from the usual constraints of a private corporate entity, we determined to establish Kakuichi Institute as a not-for-profit organization. We wish to open up the future of the Kakuichi Group by respectfully continuing the spiritual sentiments of its founder, Kenichi Tanaka. We intend to discover the prospective seeds of future business potential, seeding it through a process of careful incubation. We will focus our unique vision and direct policy toward the resurgence of our existing business.

 Having pursued the themes of “Stone, Water, Sound” for over ten years under our founder Kenichi Tanaka, our field of research and development now expands to include light energy and electromagnetic field studies. Based on such research and upon the almost angelic friendship we enjoy with scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide, we seek further collaboration with them and we would like to build a small but solid foundation. Here leading-edge people in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine can meet freely and exchange their interdisciplinary and cooperative studies in peace. Furthermore we can collaborate through the meta-philosophical wisdom of both the East and the West in the path of merging synchronicity. We see ourselves as a foundation stone for forming an alternative, self-sustainable foundation in Japan beyond the framework of a common company.

In order to serve this purpose we will conduct the following projects:


  1. Research and development in subtle energy by preparing the experimental foundation for scientific verification of diverse hypotheses.
  2. Business incubation of Earthing and Cymatics:

During the initial period of conceptual incubation and hatching of ideas Kakuichi Institute acts as a research-oriented think tank. It provides the necessary feasibility studies. We will screen for alternative marketing strategies by putting ourselves in the real world of business practice.

By this means we hope to support the restoration of the fully matured (but rather aged) existing Kakuichi’s ventures, and to encourage the process of creative articulation as an ever growing company.

  1. As one application of the aforementioned technology in projects note number 2 in the field of agriculture, through our studies of natural and ecological permaculture and farming innovation using the verification of laboratory hypotheses on subtle energy, we will pursue the possibility of challenging ourselves not to use of toxic chemicals such as hormone-disturbing pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. SPIRA plays its role as a small experimental farm for the aforementioned in 3. At the same time it will serve as our experimental base for the new metaphilosophical trinity of Mind-Body-Intelligence (Brain) or Head-Soul-Hand, or Soil-Soul-Society, which key better fits village sized activities or even community-oriented marketing communication. Therefore SPIRA challenges itself to experiment by superimposing the principle of peace and humanity on the said Capitalism.
  3. Kakuichi Institute will link up with the Swiss Charitable Foundation, “Wisdom of the East”, founded in 1998 by our founder. Kakuichi Institute intends to restructure the Maeda Library organized 25 years ago and will re-create the field of Meta-philosophy i.e. “Wisdom of the East and the West” once again as following;
  • The library project
  • Associated publication and interactive multi-media projects through the Internet web services.
  • Projects to support the integration of Science, Art, Philosophy, and Religion
  • Echan Juku embodies our primary stage of these experimental ventures to bring about a new significance in an educational and cultural context