Business & People

Kakuichi Institute is based in Japan, however we have an international outreach and growing community.

Our Activities

Kakuichi Institute is involved in a variety of activities and projects. We bring pioneers in alternative science, history, and health to Japan to share their findings at our speaking events. Our main work is in producing leading edge health aids in our pursuit of a healthier world.

We also collate and conduct empirical research in the fields of health, agriculture, education, studying also the properties of sound, water and electromagnetic energy and their applications to health. Further to that pursuit, we translate and publish books and movies related to restoring health of the individual and society.

Advisory Board

Though Kakuichi Institute is based in Japan, we have a board of international advisors with whom we collaborate in research projects, education developments, and workshops and seminars.

Gerald H. Pollack, PhD
Gerald Pollack, PhD
Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock
Satish Kumar