In pursuit of Kakuichi Institute’s goal of assisting in the creation of a saner and healthier society, we are undertaking an exciting new documentary film project to spread the message of earthing to the many disconnected Earthlings out there who may resonate with the radically simply message: connect to Earth, feel the power, pass it on!

The film will center on a 800km barefoot pilgrimage around Iceland by Kakuichi Institute Advisor, Echan Deravy, and will discuss issues of health, happiness, and how we can all bring a deeper and more meaningful connection to something greater into our lives.

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30 days following in the footsteps of Icelandic Pioneers

From June 25th from Iceland's hallowed ground at Pingvellir Echan Deravy will retrace the early pioneer routes from South to North and back. Passing between two enormous glaciers Echan will wear nothing on his feet for the entire journey and document it daily. Dr. Laura Koniver will conduct a medical check prior to the trek and follow up online as he moves on. The trek will take about 30 days and Echan will celebrate his 65th birthday enroute. He will have a support vehicle for food and rest and a videographer to film the journey.

Aims of the Across Iceland Barefoot Walk:

  • To document our deep relationship with the land supporting us and communicate with Icelanders on the way, asking them about their land
  • To Highlight alternative energy systemms and show how we must maintain environmental purity and vibrancy
  • To lend support in the proposed creation of Europe’s greatest National Park in the central highlands
  • To share the health-giving properties of earthling by live broadcasts where possible and encourage others to start their own earthling treks
  • To create a documentary to further spread understanding of the importance of our connection with the Earth.
  • To live the earthling slogan Connect to Earth, Feel the Power, Pass it On!

The Route


Echan Deravy a.k.a. Scottish born John Craig has lived in Japan most of his life. Writer, lecturer and film maker he has researched, practised and taught the concept of earthing, otherwise known as grounding, for over three years. He currently serves as the acting president of a Japanese corporation named Earthing Japan Inc. and acts as adviser to the Kakuichi group of companies based in Tokyo. This has led to the creation of the Kakuichi Institute, an East West think tank which hopes to bring people together for a saner, sustainable and sensible society.