Cymatics is the application of sound waves to a biological object to create an internal vibrational harmony to bring it inline with it's own natural resonant frequency. Additionally cymatics, when applied to human subjects may induce a meditative state by tricking the brain into neural oscillation normally achieved through deep meditation.

Kakuichi Institute is currently experimenting with cymatic therapy in application to humans, and to plants in an agricultural environment. We are currently looking in to:

We are currently studying how cymatics can effect sleep, and potentially induce a healing and meditative state during sleep. We do this through recent developments we have made through adding cymatic sound loops through connected speakers which are positioned underneath the bed during sleep.

In combination with earthing (see our research on earthing via the link above), the potential to radically transform sleep into a much more potent means of healing the body lies ahead of us.

We are currently investigating the effects of cymatic frequencies applied to water before it is given to plants to see how it might affect their growth and whether yield can be increased using this technology. See our agriculture research page via the link above for more information.

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