Our Activities

Pioneering experiments with subtle energy to increase yield and crop health.
Workshops and lectures with Echan Deravy and other guest speakers.
Studying the science and sharing it with international audiences through film.

Holistic Agriculture




Who we are

Kakuichi Institute is a holistic research institute based in Japan, aiming to assist in the creation of a healthier world. We grow a global network of fellow minded friends and researchers, and create projects in conjunction with a dedicated group of scientists, visionaries and artists from around the globe. Our ultimate aim is to actualize a 'meta-philosophy' to serve a saner, healthier society.

What we do

We are involved in bringing pioneers in alternative science, history, and health to Japan to share their findings. We conduct empirical research in the fields of health, agriculture, education, studying also the properties of sound, water and electromagnetic energy and their applications to health. We produce leading edge health aids in our pursuit of a healthier world.

Advisory Board

Gerald H. Pollack, PhD
Gerald Pollack, PhD
Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock
Satish Kumar